Pre Built Ready to Ship Jessup Sunn Model T Standalone Pre Amp

Sold Out

This is the actual pre amp you will get.  It is finished and ready to go.  It will ship next day.

Jessup Sunn O))) Model T pre amp clone.  

Limited Jef Whitehead Artwork

This is a unpainted enclosure and may show signs of rust and imperfections.  It has been clear coated.

This is the exact circuit found in the Model T and retains the same tonal characteristics as the original sunn pre amp.  Since this is just the pre amp it may be used before amps in a pedal chain, in a FX loop, into a power amp, or direct for recording or re amping.

All NOS or high quality capacitors are used in these.  The voltage for this pedal is 120/240v AC depending on where you live.  If you are overseas and require this to be wired up for 240v then an additional 50usd will be required to do so, since the export version power transformers are a little more.  

The pre amp circuit runs off of a B+ voltage of 300+ volts, just like the original.  

The enclosure size is about 2 x 5 x 7in. 

Shipping is free inside the USA and 50usd overseas.  Overseas shipping cost will be sent to buyer in a second invoice.

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