Pre Built Ready to Ship Jessup BT-02 100w (sunn model t clone)

Pre Built Ready to Ship Jessup BT-02 100w  (sunn model t clone)

Sold Out

Sunn Model T replicated wiring, transformers and components.

Designed and crafted by James Savulescu.


Carbon Composition Resistors
F&T filter caps
Orange drop USA made Film Capacitors
18awg wire
Vintage handpicked and closely matched GE power and pre amp tubes
Heyboer Transformers
Solid wood cabinet
Steel chassis (black zinc plating)
High quality tube sockets
Counter bored knob holes for flush knobs
Custom screen printing of the knobs on the wood frame below each knob. 
Custom Screen printing on the back of amp chassis, labeling the impedance, fuses, etc...
Custom LED strip inside cabinet engaged when amp is put into standby mode. (instead of using a colored front lamp switch)
Bronze piping
Wood slabs on bottom
Handle on bottom
All heads listed here come with a standard Hard Maple dyed Black wood cabinet.  If you want a exotic wood cabinet, you will pay the price as indicated and pay the additional cost once it is done.

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